News for the Day

May 2015 - Budget Impact

Some major changes are expected linked to the 2015-2016 Budget. One important change relates to the subclass 417 "Working Holiday". The removal of the minimum income tax threshold for 417 visa holders may have a strong adverse impact on the number of applicants and this visa's desirability overall. In essence, this means a 417 visa holder will now pay tax from the first dollar earnt instead of benefiting from the usual income tax threshold. This will probably redirect this visa into a "holiday visa" more than a "temporary work visa". This major change prompts the question if it does not stem from recent independent investigations about strong and widespread abuses of the 417 program.


The Importance of registered migration agents

Migrating to a new country is a life changing event and you want to put all chances on your side to make it successful. This is why many migrants decide to engage a Migration Agent to assist them in the process. Understanding what to expect from a migration agent is important to kickstart the relationship on the right foot. Learn more about registered migration agents HERE.