Australia has a range of work visas for people with specific skills in high demand, or workers who are sponsored by an employer.

Skilled workers have access to a range of opportunities in Australia. If you are qualified in a field of expertise that Australia has identified as an area of need, are under a certain age and have relevant work experience, you may be eligible for a skilled work visa. Visas can be sponsored or unsponsored, national or local, and permanent or temporary.

Visa eligibility is assessed on a point system, and applicants must meet a range of English language, health and character requirements. The new skilled visa system means that visas are usually processed within a few months and sometimes can be approved in a matter of weeks.

If you are applying for a skilled work visa, we can help you lodge an application, and advise you about the best way to maximise your points and priority ranking in the database (which means that your application may be processed more urgently). Our migration lawyers can assess your situation, skill set and how quickly you need a visa to be processed so that you can choose the best visa alternative for your needs.

With our combined legal and first-hand migrant experience, we can guide you through the complex application process.

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