Albatrosses have been described as the “most legendary of all birds”. Sailors believe they can help them navigate difficult waters and if you watch them fly, it’s easy to understand why. They travel up to 10,000 miles with grace and ease, without flapping their wings. Equal parts elegance and efficiency, they use wind currents to cover enormous distances with very little energy—a model for migration, if ever there was one.

Some of you may be familiar with the adage “to have an albatross around one’s neck”. The saying comes from Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem The Rime of The Ancient Mariner, and it has done the magnificent bird a huge disservice. Even in Coleridge’s poem, they are a symbol of good luck—but should you be burdened with an albatross, we are happy to set it free.

Socially, albatrosses are both community-orientated and loyal. They take time to select the right mate, and when they do they celebrate with a wedding waltz of sorts. Each couple’s dance is unique and develops over time—a kind of individual language that cements a pair bond that lasts for life. With a divorce rate of 0%, they’re the most faithful bird in the animal kingdom and as researcher Noah Strycker says, “to see what real devotion is like, you need to spend some time with an albatross.” They spend so much time at sea that there are very few distractions in the life of an albatross, giving them time to concentrate on the things that matter most—the journey they are embarking on, and each other.
Like the albatross, we hope to be a loyal and devoted guide for you, and whether you’re migrating or navigating the currents of business, we can help you approach it with the practiced grace, ease and efficiency of the albatross.

And let’s not forget the nod to the golf fans among you. It’s no accident that the best shot in golf is named for the albatross—they fly higher, faster and bring more bragging rights than the eagle and the birdie!