We are committed to forging long-term, high-trust relationships with our clients.

We understand the frustration of the “ghost lawyer”, and when you need to make important personal or business decisions, it’s not acceptable for emails and phone calls to go unanswered. At Albatross, our entire ethos—from our communication strategy to our fee structure—is client-focused. We don’t want you to be afraid to call or email us (in fact, we encourage it!), so we won’t ever charge you to do so. For many services, we offer a flat fee tailored to your situation, which illustrates our commitment to transparency, fairness and trust-based relationships.

Unlike other firms, we combine our legal expertise with extensive first-hand international franchising and entrepreneurial experience. We understand the realities of business and are committed to finding practical and long-term solutions to your specific needs. Our legal advice is business-orientated, practical and accessible so you won’t need a translator to understand our legalese!

Finally, we specialise in migration and franchising law because we are passionate about these fields, and because we can bring our first-hand experience to the table. But we have also built a close network of trusted specialist colleagues in other areas of law and business and can facilitate referrals and partnerships for clients when required. Whether you’re migrating to Australia, expanding your business or buying into a franchise, our services don’t end as soon as your forms are signed and your fees are paid. For example, we’re happy to provide clients with referrals to help with the other stressful aspects of migration—whether it’s settling assistance or needs related to your investments.